Veronika Timokhina was born in Ukraine, raised in Russia, and is currently based in Cincinnati. She is an illustrator and works out of her home studio with her husband Tim and her sweet puppy Archie. She works full-time creating art, running her online shop,
and constantly improving her art skills - and her English! Her work is influenced by her personal experience as a woman living in the moment, experiencing and reacting to life in the strange new world of the USA. The artist often finds herself fascinated by daily life and the emotions and visual experiences that this evokes and inspires. She interprets this world through stories, humor, textures, and simple bold design elements which evoke the past while staying grounded in the present. Her inspirations are her hobbies, interests, and the people, places (and dogs!) in her life. She mainly works in digital and gouache, but she has worked in various formats throughout her life.
Contact me at:
My Instagram: @vteronikart

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